Printman Origin Story…

Started in 2016, Printman Australia aims to be the ultimate example of print ingenuity. Printman was a long term print ‘employee’, but one day he resolved to strike out on his own and use his skills as a designer and his knowledge of print to build an idea, then a brand, then a business.

Motivated by his desire to supply a super product for a fair price and other such noble pursuits, Printman prioritises service and his customers like every business hero should. Gifted with great ambition and a daring spirit he will rely on his 15+ years of being super in the industry to realise this dream.

So that is the story of how Printman began…
He would love for you to be in the story of his future.

The End … or just the beginning?

Printman’s Powers…

  • Flight*
  • Superhuman knowledge of paper and finishing options (which he will use to help save you $$$)
  • Superhuman foresight – to predict the best options for you
  • Superhuman print turnaround times
  • Superhuman design skills

*with the aid of airplanes

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